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I havn't looked into anything yet, just hoping to get some help finding a starting point.

Car is an old police car (3.8L) with 70k on the clock. I have a feeling the wiring will be a mess when I get into it probably because they just yanked out all the switches and equipment when they decomissioned the car. Half of the dash lights dont work, and other things are just wierd ie: turning the dimmer up until it clicks will lay on the horn rather than turning on the dome light.

on to the problem at hand. the heat worked great when I bought the car about 2k miles ago (4 months). Over time I thought that it might not be blowing as hard but thought I might be imagining it. Then it began working intermittenly. Wouldn't come on when I started the car, but would after driving for a while. Now it doesn't come on at all. Playing with the dials I can hear the mix door actuators moving, and the vents will get warm, but the blower will never come on no matter what.

Sucks to happen in Jan/Feb in western NY and what's worse is I have to drive around with the windows down so my windsheild doesn't fog up. not fun in the single digits so any advice is greatly appreciated.
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