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I'm working on a 2005 Impala with a 3.4. Just did a rear head gasket and during the coolant flush realized the blower motor will not turn on. Apparently it was like this when I got it. I'm not getting power to the blower motor or the "resistor pack" under the dash. Repeat. NO POWER being sent to the resistor. The control panel will change where the air is supposed to be sent but the fan control does nothing. I can hear the doors under the dash moving when the air placement is changed.

30 amp A/C fuse was blown under the hood. All other fuses under the hood and in the drivers side dash panel checked out. With the car off put a new one in. It sparked as I put it in and it blew within a minute. I can smell something burning inside the car from when the fuse was in. Owner claims he smelled something burning before but only when he turned the fan switch on. I don't know if the fan switch was on when I put the fuse in but it blew the fuse with the car off. I never heard the fan in the car kick on.

Did these cars have heater/ A/C control panel failures?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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