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I have a '05 base, 3.4L, and the engine keeps wanting to overheat. I have a full resevoir of Dex-Cool, but to no avail. I had to put in a gallon of dex-cool a couple of weeks ago (thought that was kinda strange, but went with it, since we've driven the car quite a bit since the last time I had it in for routine maintence). Noticed today that it was going over the middle line of the temp gauge (something that's not normal, at least not for my car. The temp gauge usually stays right in the middle, or below, between 1/4 and halfway). Stopped, got another gallon of dex-cool, filled the resevoir to the fill line, and thought that might do the trick. Not so much.

I remember my dad talking a couple of years ago about another chevy model he had (I believe it was a trailblazer, but not totally sure) that had a seperate radiator cap from the resevoir cap. Does the '05 Impala have such? Has anyone had this happen to them?

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Do you have a leak or overheating problem (or both)?

A leak is a leak and you need to see a mechanic.

As for the over heating, you are not giving enough info.

Does it over heat even while the car is moving?
Does it over heat only when stopped?

Please come back with more info - and post a new question (nobody reads old questions).

Good Luck...
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