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when i idle down to a stop the electical problems seem to stop. when i rev up and while im on the road going, the electrical problems start. such as: the air/ heat/ fan wont come on untill i come to an idle then it will come on, if i rev up and go the air/ heat will stay at the position it is in when i change the nobs from hot to cold untill i idle back to a stop, then it will switch to where i want it./ the airbag lite comes on when going and goes off when i idle down to stop./ the batterry lite is on when im moving and goes off when i stop (had battery and alternator tested, resulted good)/ cruise control not working/ sometimes it will say my high beams are bad/ starts good via remote start or key, windows and door locks work great. had dealer clear codes in the computer but come back. they need $89.00hr to find the problem. plz help someone?! Im thinking BCM but far from knowing! Checked all fuses and they r good. Car just seems to have hard time multitasking i guess u would say.
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