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1. Can trip all relays (3 fan/ 1 A/C),they all good etc.
2. Tried coolant sensor, everything worked perfectly for one day, then the next, nothing worked again.??????WTF
Has anyone have a cooling sensor go bad in one day?
Or maybe it just happened to work for a couple of hours??
I thought the A/c and fans would work independently of each other?
Any Idears of what would cause both not to work?
I'm pretty sure there is enough 134a in also.
I should say the A/C doesn't work and the car will overheat from fans not working. This happened all at once.
no digital readout, wiring diagram has the sensor running though something called a powertrain control module in air cleaner assembly.
no chek engine light, I dont know how to get codes.
3.8 do you know if the A/c runs though this powertrain control module?
no work done on this car except oil change a couple of months ago.

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It could be a loose connection..but the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that the computer controls fan operation on many models if it has climate control readout of the ac temp
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