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I have a grinding noise coming from my front passenger side wheel. It's there constantly. From a cold start it's very quiet and subtle, but the more time driving it gets louder and louder until it reaches a consistant volume. The noise is present with or without braking, but when I brake the grinding becomes slightly muffled.

I'm almost certain that the noise is coming from the caliper, pad, rotor area.

I was checking for symptoms by looking for certain things and found that on my brake pads, the the wear tab is not touching.

I checked to see if maybe my rotor is warped, but there is no shaking when braking.

I checked to see if the brake caliper was sticking, but no drifting to one side when braking.

I checked to see if it's the bearings, but no noise when turning and when I jacked it up, the wheel is firm when pulling at 12 & 6 ( 9 & 3 ).

Is there anything I'm missing or not thinking of or checking out? Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

Could is still be the brake pads creating the noise, even without the wear tab touching?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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