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This part (on RockAuto): Torque Strut Mount (not the "Dog Bone")

Also known as: GM Part # 10232891 (#14 in exploded-view diagram)

Both of mine appear to be shot (the rubber inserts) ... you can see plenty of daylight through them ... appear to be vertically separated.

My question is - I've seen the video online of the guy "flipping" these inserts with two wrenches ... and I could try that, but I was wondering if anybody had another "out-of-the-box" solution like filling in the gap with a piece of remnant rubber strip (maybe something from Home Depot)?

I also could just buy the new brackets with the inserts in them, but my brackets are fine. Seems like a waste to throw them away just to get the new inserts.

I think I did also manage to find just the inserts online (after a LOT of searching) ... can't remember where ... but the cost was as much (or more?) than just buying the replacement bracket from Rock Auto.
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