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2002 Impala 3.4L V6 LT FWD 248.5k miles (20SEP2022)
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'02 Impala 3.4L 196.5k: Need (4) Tires

Tire size is 225/60 R16. Originally came with Uniroyals from the factory brand new (Jun 2002). Here's the car's tire history:

1.) @70k miles (Dec 2005), (4) GoodYear Viva II's (from Wal-Mart). Crappy tires. Won't buy them again.

2.) @121k miles (Jun 2009), (4) BF Goodrich Advantage TA 98H. Good tires, I think.

3.) @172k miles (Aug 2013) and 176k miles (Dec 2013) (2)+(2) Douglas tires from Wal-Mart. Went cheap here.

Well, now the Douglas tires are rumbling up front. No side-to-side pulling, just up and down. My son started driving in 2014 and before that the car drove smooth as glass. He apparently hit a few curbs. Rotated front tires to back and it's better, but still not right. Tires need to go. Still need to verify joints underneath, too, although there's no clunking or looseness to indicate any problem there. I think it's just the tires.

So car is in good shape, no accident history. What price point and brand would you recommend for a 14.5 year-old vehicle about to roll over 200k miles? This would primarily be a tire purchase, but I'd love to pick up a set of (4) OEM tires with wheels that someone took off a new vehicle (to upsize to something custom). Did that with my 2011 Equinox (purchasing a set of 17" OEM Michelin tires/wheels off a brand new 2015 Equinox to replace my OEM 18's), and it worked out really well ! Was going to cost me $900+ for (4) 18" Michelin Latitude replacement tires, so for $700 I got (4) 17" Latitudes with OEM rims, sensors, and lug nuts to boot !

Does anybody know which *current* factory OEM rims would fit on my Impala. Pretty sure the current Impala rims are a different size and wouldn't fit. I tried mounting my 17" Equinox tires/wheels on my Impala (figuring I'd buy new 18's for the Equinox), but the studs - although they lined up - did not pass through the *very centers* of the mounting holes, and the rims jammed on the studs before fully seating.
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