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02 Heating problem

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I have an 02 Impala. The heater does not warm up and blow heated air. The fan works. The Temp gauge appears to work, although the temp fluctuates temperatures between about 180-220, first rising then dropping back. It never rises to the point of overheating though. The fuse for the ac system appears to be intact. I suspect the thermostat but am unsure since the temp gauge runs within the normal range...???
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Check coolant level (in radiator) and or heater contol valve.

Is it blowing any warm air at all? It might be the mixer door.
Note recommendations above. Verify you're not leaking coolant anywhere. Check all hoses, metal plumbing, radiator, and lower intake manifold. Assuming you have full coolant levels in the radiator/reservoir....

....Cooling system bleed @ the water pump might help. There's a small brass bleeder valve on the cross over pipe that runs into the water pump.

If the bleed corrects your problem, I would then try to figure out how air got in there in the first place.
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