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  1. 2011 impala lt VSS

    Automotive Discussion
    So my fiancée’s mom has a 2011 impala Lt. A couple days ago her speedometer started acting up, bouncing between 0 and 20mph and it wouldn’t shift out of second, but there wasn’t a check engine light on and no codes when I scanned the ECU and TCM. I go to replace the VSS, and the old one had a...
  2. Whine in 2010 LT 3.5 100k miles

    9th Gen Drivetrain
  3. 2005 Chevy Impala Transmission slip (stutter)

    Automotive Discussion
    I have an 05 Impala that if I push the gas too fast the car takes a minute and then jerks forward. Or when I get up between 20 & 30 it does this slip or feels kind of like a stutter. Does anyone have any idea what this might be? The transmission fluid is not low and still has great color. The...
  4. 1995 impala ss Speed sensor location

    Automotive Discussion
    Hey i need to know where is the vehicle speed sensor located on a 4l60e tranny on a 95 SS. Someone please respond
  5. Order of Progression 110K Tune-Up

    8th Gen Engine Performance
    It's that time again. I am looking for advice from those in the know. Oil change in the bag. Trans fluid change is next. The trans is running fine with no noticeable slippage, hard shifts, or noises. I think I will add Lucas Trans Conditioner rather than Lucas Trans Fix. Could use some...
  6. Seeking advice - transmission noise and delayed service from dealer and GM

    Chevy Impala 9th Gen Discussion
    Hi guys, I am new to here. I am stuck in a case trying to have my Impala (2018 LT) fixed for a transmission noise while this has been pending for a few months already. Want to share my story and hope any of you could offer some advice. My car started to have some high pitched noise (like...