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  1. Chevy Impala Discussion
    I currently daily drive a 2014 Chevy Impala Limited LT. I know the basic stuff about vehicles but am not a expert. What are the best bang for my buck performance mods I can do or should do to this vehicle. I don't want to spend to much money into it because it's still a used car, but I always...
  2. Introductions & Welcome Forum
    Please tag up this post with "2004 Chevy Impala upgrades" Any advice, tips, tricks will help keep this thread focus. To have a better performing car. Please just don't name any car parts. NAME ONLY THE UPGRADE BRAND AND ANY OTHER COMPONENTS in that help each other out to perfumes Better. Please...
  3. 7th Gen Engine Performance
    I am getting into cars for real as a later in life hobby. I was always interested but never had time. I have an 02 Impala LS. I am the original owner and it has around 100k miles on it. It has sat for the last 10 years. I got it up and running again last year. New fuel pump, plugs and wires...
  4. Automotive Discussion
    Hello all, I just purchased the 80mm overkill tb and tb adapter/spacer. I was wondering if with the bigger throttle body, will I need a bigger CAI? I currently have a 3" one, but car only has a tune and flowmaster 40 series mufflers. When I install the 80mm throttle body, I will also be...
  5. Chevy Impala 7th Gen Discussion
    I'm trying to upgrade the fuel injectors on my 2005 3.4l Impala, but for the life of me I can't find any
  6. Automotive Discussion
    Recently I got a 06 impala ss used. When I got it it came pretty stock only thing done to the car was a walker quiet flo mufflers and a set of MSD ignition wires and K&N drop in filter. So over past couple weeks I been doing the normal bolts ons. I installed a cold air intake I got from amazon...
1-6 of 6 Results