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  1. Audio, Video, and Electronics
    I'm trying to access developer mode on my MyLink system. I have an 8inch display so tapping on the right hand corner doesn't work for me. I was wonder if anyone had figured out how to do this. I've done the thing where you press the home, menu,and power button at the same time. It brings me to a...
  2. Chevy Impala 9th Gen Discussion
    Forgive me if this has been asked and answered but through all the threads I read I have not yet found a fix. I have a 2015 Impala LT1 or 1LT and my Mylink is out of whack. About a week ago the screen randomly went black and I had no audio. Since then, sometimes the screen will come back on...
  3. Audio, Video, and Electronics
    Hi there! The Microphone in my 2014 won't work when I try to make a call through the Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connects just fine, it'll play audio, and if I make a call I can hear the other person, but they can't hear me. I know the microphone itself works, because I can use...
1-3 of 3 Results