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  1. Automotive Discussion
    This may be the wrong place for this, I’m relatively new to forum-going. I’m planning a project which involves repurposing the front clip of an LS4 car as the rear axle/drivetrain of a mid-engine roadster. Logically, this mostly makes sense, seeing as all of the parts are already there...
  2. 8th Gen Drivetrain
    Long story, but I seem to be getting a slipping, clunk, clunk, clunk noise from the driver side of the car, near the wheel. I had the trans, rebuild, it's a 4t65e-hd on my 2008 Impala SS 5.3L, but it has 3.69 gears, single 7/8 chain, high stall torque converter and cam. This grinding noise...
  3. Automotive Discussion
    Recently I got a 06 impala ss used. When I got it it came pretty stock only thing done to the car was a walker quiet flo mufflers and a set of MSD ignition wires and K&N drop in filter. So over past couple weeks I been doing the normal bolts ons. I installed a cold air intake I got from amazon...
1-3 of 3 Results