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    2018 Premier, 3.6 v6, 107k miles, about to change the spark plugs and clean the throttle body, other than that I've heard of needing to replace a "mass airflow sensor". There are no lights on the dash to check an error code. Any insight on the matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you and be safe.
  2. Chevy Impala 8th Gen Discussion
    Hi all! First post here and I’ve got an issue. This 2012 Impala with the 3.6L LFX engine has about 120K miles on it and I’ve noticed some idle issues from a cold start, and also (sometimes) when warm. It starts just normally, revs go up to 1.5K like they should and then go down relatively...
  3. 2014+ Impala Reviews
    My 2014 Impala LS 2.5 shuts off when idling. My mechanic thinks it's the throttle body. I already replaced my Exhaust Camshaft position actuator circuit sensor bank 1 and it's still shuts off when idling. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. Chevy Impala 9th Gen Discussion
    Hey all, I've been chasing this problem for weeks and about ready to give up and take it to the dealer, tho figured one last go wouldn't hurt. Have a 2012 3.6 LT that will have an erratic idle usually between 600-1000rpm when first starting it in the day with the car in park. The weird part is...
1-4 of 4 Results