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  1. Mechanical and Electrical Problems
    My 01 Impala has started doin a weird buzzing and all the cluster lights start going on. Thn I'll use the signal again and cluster will flash and go back to normal.. when it happens when I'm moving and apply the brakes the abs system activates and feels like the brakes skip for a sec thn go back...
  2. Mechanical and Electrical Problems
    When driving 2001 impala the cluster will go back and the gauges will be frozen. When the cluster start working again it will use that as the new zero point. What to do?
  3. Mechanical and Electrical Problems
    It's a 2005 impala base model, these issues have been going on for a while now. It jerks intermittently under load, once It's cruising It's fine though. It seems as though the engine itself is cutting out, in addition to that the gauge cluster will randomly reset into start up mode with no...
1-3 of 3 Results