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  1. Rear Defroster Not Working To Full Potential \ 5V Reference Voltage from Ignition Means...???

    Chevy Impala 9th Gen Discussion
    Does anyone know why the rear window defrost system wouldn't be working to it's full potential? I'm assuming a low voltage issues, but my OBD2 Scans don't indicate this to me, so I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. The only electrical issue I've found in my system is a...
  2. Cold Defrost Air, Warm Heat

    Chevy Impala 8th Gen Discussion
    I have a 2010 Impala and the front defrost air stays cold on idle and while driving. The heat from the other vents stays cold during first starting and idle then warms up while driving and stays warm. The defrost never gets warm no matter how long I drive. Is this an actuator or another issue...