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  1. Audio, Video, and Electronics
    Im trying to make my speakers louder and also trying to find out how to bypass my amp if anyone could help me out that would be great
  2. Audio, Video, and Electronics
    I recently replaced the stock stereo on my 2004 Impala with this aftermarket stereo -> Boss 455BRGB. I used this harness to connect my new stereo to the 2 factory cables-> Axxcess AXGM-04. I also used a radio antenna adapter. After installing the harness with the correct wiring, all four...
  3. Audio, Video, and Electronics
    After market head unit receives power and signal; not the issue Amp is stock and works; not the issue Wiring harness for amp has been rewired; not the issue And I STILL don't have any sound coming from the speakers. What the ever living shit is going on?
  4. Chevy Impala 8th Gen Discussion
    I recently installed a dash cam in my car, hardwired into the fuse box. It’s installed to the RAP fuse. However, at some point during the installation process, the AMP fuse popped. Ever since completing the dash cam install, the AMP fuse will pop the second you try to install it. Now I have no...
  5. My Rebuild Impala LT 1LT

    Beautiful car, inside and out, but she's got some issues that I'm currently attempting to resolve. Besides the motor\transmission issues, she's also allowing water into the vehicle from locations unknown. I have determined that some of the water is coming through the rear tail light gaskets and...
1-5 of 5 Results