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  1. Audio, Video, and Electronics
    I recently replaced the stock stereo on my 2004 Impala with this aftermarket stereo -> Boss 455BRGB. I used this harness to connect my new stereo to the 2 factory cables-> Axxcess AXGM-04. I also used a radio antenna adapter. After installing the harness with the correct wiring, all four...
  2. Audio, Video, and Electronics
    After market head unit receives power and signal; not the issue Amp is stock and works; not the issue Wiring harness for amp has been rewired; not the issue And I STILL don't have any sound coming from the speakers. What the ever living shit is going on?
  3. Audio, Video, and Electronics
    Hi, I own a 2007 Chevy Impala LS. I put an aftermarket head unit in that I got off Amazon when I got the car but when I try calling someone, the call sound only comes from the tweeters and sounds bad. I can't hear it when I'm driving even when I crank up the volume all the way up. I know its not...
  4. DIY How To's & Write Up's
    Good morning! I purchased a used 2011 Impala last year and am looking for an after-market touchscreen so that my old eyes can see the navigation better. The car has the steering wheel phone controls but my current radio is the base model, so those phone controls don't work. Does anyone know...
  5. Automotive Discussion
    I replaced my radio with a double din. Wanted chimes back so I purchased and installed: Axxess Metra LC-GMRC-LAN-01 GM 2006-Up Data Bus Interface W/ Chime Retention Never had fast blinkers before. Noticed immediately after I added the chime retainer thing. I tested all blinkers and all work...
1-5 of 5 Results