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  1. Chevy Impala 8th Gen Discussion
    Does anyone know the ECM pinout of the E38 ECM for these cars, or if they are the same for everyone. I found this Vortec 5.3l pinout but I am unsure if they are the same and don't wanna ruin anything by removing the wrong pin or adding a pin somewhere that it can't be used.
  2. Chevy Impala 8th Gen Discussion
    Been doing some work on the car, would be nice to have some manuals to aid with the repairs. Thanks!
  3. Automotive Discussion
    Hey you guys! I am new to this forum and I got handed my cousins old 2004 impala a few months back , I haven't done very much to it at all other then tint the windows and throw a sub into it. I'm interested on putting some 15's" on it and making it similar to one of those old classic 64's"...
  4. 8th Gen Engine Performance
    What’s the best modern performance upgrades I could buy for my 2006 Chevy Impala SS??
  5. 8th Gen Suspension
    I recently got a pretty used '08 SS, and the suspension is very bouncy. I've heard it is similar on others with the sport suspension, along with having all seasons in a mostly hot climate, the car is a little difficult to control. I was wondering if anyone knows the benefits (if any) of...
1-5 of 5 Results