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  1. "DIY" Do it yourself/how to
    Hi everyone I have an 02 base model impala with the 3. 4 v6 and I have been wanting to change out my gauge cluster to one that has an rpm gauge as well as a speedometer and not just a speedometer is there anything that I would need to do to make a different cluster work? Thank you all in...
  2. 7th Gen Engine Performance
    Car threw up a TPS sensor code so i replaced it cause it would stall at very low speeds if i slightly hit the gas but it didnt fix the problem, was told my PCM would need to be reprogrammed so i bought the ZZP 1.0, was planning on buying it anyways, but that didnt fix the problem either did i...
  3. Chevy Impala 7th Gen Discussion
    Hey Guys, I Have Been Trying To Fix My Rear Tail Light Bulb Socket. I Cut The Socket Off And It Has Four Wires It's A MultiFunction Standard Single Bulb And I Purchased A Universal Socket Which Has Three Wires And Now I'm Wondering Which Wires Go To Which Colors So I Need A Color Guide To Both
1-3 of 3 Results