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  1. Audio, Video, and Electronics
    Hi, I'll be getting a 2016 Impala soon. It's a great car, but has no options or features, no backup cam, nothing. It has the 4" Io3 (I think that's what it's called) stereo in it. I'm exploring options to replace it with an aftermarket stereo with backup cam and apps and all the bells and...
  2. Appearance
    is the mounting for steering wheels amongst chevys uninversal id love a ss steering wheel or even Camaro or caprice ppv I hate my 16’ limiteds steering wheels old feel
  3. 9th Gen Suspension
    Have a 2016 Impala LS and know I will be needing to replace the brakes soon. Will be driving cross country from WA to MI. Have done many a brake job but is there any recommended source for good rotors and pads that are better than the local AutoZone type store. I know China makes a lot of those...
  4. Chevy Impala 9th Gen Discussion
    I have a 2016 LTZ that does not have a homelink garage door opener. I purchased a new ceiling console that has the homelink added and was trying to find a harness online that I could buy but couldn't find any information. This is the only thing that I have found...
  5. Chevy Impala 8th Gen Discussion
    I have a 2016 impala...other day while I took a turn the traction control light came on and then the message board started saying service break assist, service traction control, and service stabilitrak. The car lost power steering and wasnt able to accelerate. So put the car in park, turn it...
  6. Chevy Impala 9th Gen Discussion
    The door lights, glove box & console lights are still good to go. I've tested every fuse in both boxes and am unable to find whether or not there is a relay that could be bad. My connections are good and I have no other issues and it's driving me crazy. Any input would be greatly appreciated...
  7. Impala 2016

    Coming Soon! Sound Quality build in my 2016 Impala stay tuned
1-7 of 7 Results