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  1. Autocare and Maintenance
    Since the Input Shaft Speed Sensor is located inside the transmission of my car (2008 Impala) I'm not certain how to go about getting to it. Does anyone know of any videos or other references to such a replacement? Keep in mind this is not the Output Speed Sensor. (I've already replaced that...
  2. 8th Gen Engine Performance
    my boyfriends 2008 chevy impala has come into a lot of problems lately and we are at our wits end. first thing that happened was the car slowed while he was driving it and wouldn't accelerate past 30 miles and hour and a message pops up with reduced engine power. my boyfriend replaced the...
  3. Chevy Impala 8th Gen Discussion
    Hello, I can purchase a vehicle being surplussed by my employer but has no brakes at all. I spoke with the maintenance director who told me the vehicle has just came back from the shop with over $1200 in parts and it still isn’t fixed and that they are done with it. I inspected the car...
  4. VenomSS Rear

    Venom name decal, and webbing vinyl on tail lights
  5. Introductions & Welcome Forum
    Ac light flashes,no cold air, ive already checked fuses,dash reads "engine hot AC off, temp guage stopped working. I replaced the coolant temp sensor and thermostat.The guage worked for a couple days then stopped again...bad sensor maybe??? Also my cruise control stopped working...all the lights...
  6. Automotive Discussion
    My son bought a 2008 Impala and it has a click almost rattle when he turns right. We replaced the cv joint, all the brakes, rotors and caliper. Also replaced the bad motor mount on that side. Nothing has helped. I have seen this covered on here, didn't really see any suggestions. Any Ideas would...
1-6 of 6 Results