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  1. DIY How To's & Write Up's
    Rear struts: 🧰 TOOLS NEEDED Take out on your car first ! vegetable oil (small) Wrenches 14mm-15mm-etc torque wrench impact wrench 14mm (caliper) 15mm socket/wrench (sway bar end link/strut housing bolts in trunk) 19mm (lug nuts) 21mm long socket (lower strut bolts) SMALL hammer Scroll down to...
  2. Audio, Video, and Electronics
    it sounds like audio is only coming out of the subwoofer below the back window i don’t know what’s wrong nothjng come out of the door speakers. is that just an impala thing a fuse or needs new speakers
  3. 2006-2013 Impala Reviews
    Had to replace my timing chain tensioner so I also replaced my front seal water pump belt and belt tensioner. Well after doing all this I put my battery back in which had been disconnected for about 3or4 days and everything seemed fine but my horn no longer works and I had an airbag error...
  4. Chevy Impala 8th Gen Discussion
    I've got some sloshing water behind my dash, hasn't come into the floorboard any but when I start the car or begin moving after stopping, I hear pretty loud sloshing inside the dash, like water inside a plastic jug. From what I've read this likely means the drain hose for the a/c is clogged, but...
  5. Chevy Impala 9th Gen Discussion
    Is it possible to do an engine swap from a 2007 LTZ 3.9 LZ9 to a 2008 LTZ That had a 3.9 LZ8(LZG). I don’t know if I need to reprogram the ECU’S. Or what the main difference between them is. I would like to swap for a little more performance. Also would not like the check engine light to be on...
  6. Automotive Discussion
    i have a 2008 chevy impala v6 3.5 with 203,000 miles on it .have 3 seperate issues needing advice on how to fix . i had a check engine light come on about 3 weeks ago checked it with a obd reader and it came up as a large evap leak .so therefore i am having a hard time figuring out the...
1-6 of 6 Results