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General Information

Impala LTZ
Black w/ ebony interior
Bose Audio, Sunroof, OnStar, SXM Radio
This vehicle has had a rough life. Started out as a rental car, and ended that stint when someone decided to crash it with 3000 miles on the clock. Another owner had it for 2 years or so, and when I purchased it in May of 2015 it had 174xx on the clock.
Due to its front end collision, it had an aftermarket A/C condenser, radiator, and fan assembly put in. Since I've had it, I've had to replace one fan, the radiator, and A/C condenser. The fan needed to be replaced because one of the mounts wasn't in correctly and it was hitting the shroud upon the fan starting up. The radiator was leaking where the upper radiator hose connects, replacing the hose didn't help, and cracks formed in the neck to the rad so it had to be replaced. Since the condenser, rad, and fan assembly were all replaced as one, the shop that repaired it did not put in OEM specification parts. So the replacement radiator I bought would not allow the A/C condenser to mount up, so I had to replace that as well. Additionally, 3 of the 4 mounting points worked to mount the fan assembly onto the radiator, so I used a metal ziptie on the 4th and called it a day. If I'm questioned on how this repair was done I can always create a thread outlining the steps. Unfortunately, the Impala overheated briefly before the radiator shipped in, but luckily this led to no noticeable damage or drivability issues. Now also has OE spec fan assembly so all of the mounting points line up.
Had to replace the purge solenoid valve under the hood.
3 of the 4 hub assemblies are now Moog units.

85k as of July 2017
2013 Chevrolet Impala LTZ (Black w/ ebony interior)


3.6L DI V6
K&N engine air filter
LEDGlow under-dash 7 color lights (4 15" tubes, 2 9" tubes)
Black bowtie on steering wheel
Weathertech Digifit floor mats
Black Bowties
14% window tint
Spyder Auto 111-CHIP06-LED-RS Chevy Impala 2006-2013 LED Tail Lights - Red Smoke
12" Infinity Kappa subwoofer in a vented enclosure with JBL GTX500 amp paired to factory Bose head unit using PAC AOEM-GM1416 integration interface. 0.5 Farad Schosche capacitor to help out the battery.
Moog rear stabilizer bar end links
Police package dust shields (Driver p/n: 25862794; Passenger p/n: 25862793)
Police package brake cooling ducts (Driver p/n: 22739472 Passenger; p/n: 22739473) [While I don't have the front bezel for these; the Driver p/n: 20959870; Passenger p/n: 20959871]
GMPP STBs (p/n: 12498648) and DR STB brackets
Dorman 927-100 Front Sway Bar w/ Moog End Links (p/n: K700527) and Bushings (p/n: K80815)
Duralast Gold Rotors (Front p/n: 55126DG; Rear p/n: 55085DG)
Duralast Max Brake Pads (Front p/n: DGC1159; Rear p/n: DGC999)
Wheel and Tire
235/50R18 Continental ExtremeContact DWS06



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