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My grandfather spent his life restoring a 1964 crown imperial convertible. He also sawed a sun roof into a maroon '96 Impala. He was a real car guy. While no one else in my family cares about cars, he got through to me. I was 15 when he passed 7 years ago. My grandmother passed in 2018 and this 2008 Impala was her's. It wasn't until a few months ago that I inherited it. My grandfather disparaged this car, but he also never lived to see the Impala name die out. When I sat in it to drive it for the first time, I realized that for all of its lame-ness, this car is a modern old-school. It only had 30k miles and I endeavored to take care of it and to make it last. I also wanted it to live up to it's (aesthetic) potential. The rims are by no means classic, but they give the car a real stance that the stock wheels don't. I could see the car with a more aggressive offset, but +40 (+47 is stock) gives the car just an ever so slightly aggressive stance. The black-on-silver is perfect and I also painted the bowtie black like the new Chevys. I was surprised most of all my how my perception of the car's styling changed. Before, I thought it was too reserved. Now, I see it as elegant. Although, the fact remains that this car was probably designed to save some money on producing body panels.... Anyway, It's just an LS, but it's mine and I did it justice. Rip gpa and gma I'll carry the torch.


Wheel and Tire
18x8 ef +40 petrol p2c


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