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  1. Sad News Today...

    Autocare and Maintenance
    Well, it's been a hectic month with my '03 Impala. Bought it (for cheap) from a friend on Halloween because it was overheating and she didn't have time or money to find out what was wrong. I found a bad coolant leak (water pump) that same week. I left it parked in the parking lot at my...
  2. Newbie!

    Introductions & Welcome Forum
    Haha, no cats included! But we're both cat people. Not sure whether I'll be keeping all of the bumper stickers or not... But for now, I have bigger fish to fry. Like the overheating issue I just posted in another thread.
  3. Newbie!

    Introductions & Welcome Forum
    Hello there! I just bought an 03 from a friend for a very cheap price, looking to fix it up a bit. It's not the prettiest, but as long as it gets me to and from work every day, it's a winner for me. Hope to get some super helpful tips from you guys! :) ~Alex
1-3 of 3 Results