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05-25-2017 05:59 PM
Nate8675 Just had this discussion today about Dexcool..I was right..
10-18-2014 04:05 AM
snitsky999 #4 about servicing the transmission. Some mechanics tell me the fluid does not need to be changed/replaced as long as its the proper color. If its dirty or the wrong color then it needs to be replaced. If your transmission shifts fine then why bother changing the fluid. Is this true or not? My 2010 Impala LS has just over 62k with the original trans fluid and it shifts fine. Should I bother changing it yet. I believe the manual says around 100k.

I do know you have to change the coolant as well as power steering fluid. All mechanics told me these must be done.
10-02-2014 10:45 PM
F16vipers Walmart brand or not the Supertech Dexron VI is GM approved and licensed to meet all the criteria to be Dexron VI fluid. Same as motor oil being Dexos approved. If it has the label it meets the standard.
10-02-2014 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by fatrabbit View Post
I must really drain out the fluid then when I do transmission pan drops lol

When I did a pan drop to my old Lumina I had to refill 11 quarts, when I did a transmission pan drop on my 2010 Impala 5 months ago managed to drain out 13 quarts. But I like to also unbolt the accumulator and inspect the housing bores/seals/pistons and ect.

I didn't know Dorman made a transmission pan with a drain plug built-in, where do they place the bolt?
Passenger side of the car on the pan
10-02-2014 06:37 PM
fatrabbit I must really drain out the fluid then when I do transmission pan drops lol

When I did a pan drop to my old Lumina I had to refill 11 quarts, when I did a transmission pan drop on my 2010 Impala 5 months ago managed to drain out 13 quarts. But I like to also unbolt the accumulator and inspect the housing bores/seals/pistons and ect.

I didn't know Dorman made a transmission pan with a drain plug built-in, where do they place the bolt?
10-02-2014 06:17 PM
gabriel9766 I dropped the pan last oil change and changed the fluid and filter and put on a dorman transmission pan with a drain plug. I used about 7.5Q of valvoline maxlife full synthetic dextron 6 atf.
10-02-2014 05:20 PM
fatrabbit I didn't realize his post was that long ago, I fail

I never said people are wasting there money on preventive maintenance, I'm actually a big fan of preventative maintenance. I just feel people are wasting there money away with 30,000 mile trans axle fuild changes when all that's needed is 100,000 mile trans axle fuild changes.

I still have yet to see and understand how changing the transmission fluid every 30,000 will prevent the common problems like the factory installing a short lip seal in the the input piston or fix the gap in the 2nd and 3rd clutch packs, most of the problems are from the design and assembly of the parts inside the transmissions.

I remember my ex's 1992 Grand Prix had religious transmission fluid changes every 30000 miles and that didn't save her transmission from slipping near the end, I honestly think that If it wasn't changed so often it wouldn't have been so bad as the transmission fluid would still have a lot of the clutch packs material in it.

I still stands that if your transmission is going to have problems it just will regardless of how excessive you are with the fluid changes, I've experienced that 100000 miles transmission fluid changes work just fine.
10-02-2014 02:42 PM
jtrosky Well, being that @gabriel asked the question back in February, the recent posts were about the 6-speed in the 2012+ and the fact that you mentioned the 30k mile change interval from the 6-speed posts, I naturally assumed that you were referring to the 6-speed transmission! :-)

Others have used the Walmart fluid and I believe that actually found that it was made by the same people as the brand name fluid. Regardless, if you are changing every 30k miles, I don't think the fluid quality would be an issue anyway... :-)

You just keep posting how people are "wasting" their money by performing preventive maintenance because of what GM recommends in the owners manual, which I completely disagree with, that's all. Preventive maintenance is the best way to make your car last longer, in my opinion and it's certainly not wasting money.

Regarding the 4-speed transmission failures, I would tend to disagree there as well - just look at all of the complaints about that transmission on this forum from actual Impala owners - early failures are talked about constantly...

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10-02-2014 11:29 AM
fatrabbit Gabriel9766 asked what GM recommended so I answered his question "what's GM's msi on transmission pan/service?"

He also said he a 2010 Impala, they didn't option the 3.6L and 6 speed that year. His transmission is a 4T65E, dropping the pan you'd lose around 9-11 quarts of fluid........ It's more having it flushed. When you do the pan drop your going to want a new filter too, luckily the transmission pan gasket is reusable.

Wal-Mart doesn't carry brand name dexron 6 atf, only house brand and I honestly don't trust it because you don't know where it came from. It's cheaper there for a reason, Castral sells dexron 6 but it's at $7-$8 a quart.

The transmission was never known to fail before 100000 miles, they useally start developing problems at around that mileage but not fail. Even David at Triple Edge Performance has stated this in some of the Emails I have, honestly the only thing David ever stated that starts to be a problem is the input clutch piston seal wearing out around 60,000 miles.

Maybe it's because I didn't address the answer to Gabriel9766 that I got a reply back like that?
10-02-2014 10:11 AM
jtrosky First, you can find Dexron VI fluid for as little as $5 a quart (Walmart sells it for $4.27 - can probably even get it for less on sale), but even at $8 a quart, it would still only cost $48 for the fluid (transmission fluid capacity in the 2012 6-speed transmission is 5.3 quarts). Not sure how you came up with $100 per change for the fluid! :-)

Second, just because GM "recommends" 100k mile change intervals, doesn't mean that is whats best for your car! Do you *really* think that 100k mile recommendation is some kind of scientific number? In my experience, manufactures tend to give the best-case scenario in their "recommendation" numbers - not really "real-world" numbers.

Third, I'd MUCH rather spend $150 to change the fluid 3 times by 100k miles than spend $2500 on an transmission rebuild! Again, it's called preventive maintenance. $150 per 100k miles is absolutely nothing in the scheme of things.

Based on the fact that the previous transmission in the Impalas was known to fail before 100k miles (sometimes more than once!), I don't think $150 is that big of a deal in order to help prevent such early failures. Maybe it will help, maybe it won't - but for $150, I'd rather be safe than sorry! :-)

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10-02-2014 09:53 AM
fatrabbit GM says you should do a transmission fluid change every 100,000 miles, if you use your car for delivery/taxi/police/towing they say to change around the transmission fluid every 50,000 miles.

30,000 miles is a lot of money to waste away, with dexron 6 being at around $8 a quart it cost around $100 to change around the fluid. You'd have spent $300 hitting 100,000 when you only needed to spend $100, when ever you have your oil change all you have to do is pull the transmission dip stick to check.

It's like everyone thinks they drive a Honda lol
10-02-2014 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by volume View Post
the 2012 impala does not have trans filter. only got a drain plug am planning to do a drain and fill at 30.000 miles (no flush) what you all think?
Changing the fluid at 30K won't hurt anything. The 2012s do have a filter...but it's wedged in between the two halves of the transmission so changing it requires a near complete dis-assembly of the transmission. Good for you for not buying into the GM lifetime Dexron VI baloney!

I agree with everything the OP said. If you take care of your vehicle it will last a long time. I have a 94 Jeep Cherokee with 240K and it still runs as good as ever. Preventative maintenance is a lot cheaper than fix it when its good and broke maintenance!
02-17-2014 09:32 AM
gabriel9766 oh yea never, on all our cars i do pan drops and filter changes. at work tho we do flushes only up to 100k or if its been serviced before we do it. we do pan drops if the coustemer wants it but our transmission service is a flush.
02-17-2014 12:32 AM
g25racer I'd suggest every 30-40k miles. Replace fluid and filter. I do not suggest a fluid flush

02-16-2014 11:13 PM
gabriel9766 I just bought a 2010 impala with 63k on it, the tranny fluid is a lil brown and im coming from a ford taurus with pan drops every 30k. Whats gm's msi on tranny pan/ service?
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