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Yeah, like I said, of all of the "OEM-look" plug-and-play unit available, I truly believe that the Advent OGM-1 is the best of the bunch, with Rosen in second, OttoNavi third and all other Chinese 2-DIN units coming in last. I've heard nothing but great things about ADC Mobile as well. Really, $1025 isn't bad for a brand new one. Although the Best Buy refurbished one does come with a 3-year warranty for $699, so that's a pretty good deal too...

While I still have both the OttoNavi K-Series and the Rosen DS-GM1010-P11, I think that I'll probably eventually return the OttoNavi (assuming the replacement has the same problems as the original one I got), sell the Rosen and get the Advent... '

I must say though, this Rosen sure does have *excellent* sound, probably due to the built-in BBE technology (I used to use a BBE Sonic Maximizer in my home system and I *loved* it). I also have a feeling that the Rosen is the most powerful of the bunch (25 watt RMS vs. 15 watt RMS for the Advent). Both have 45 watt peak though... The OttoNavi claims 25 watt RMS/45 watt peak, but I've found that it wasn't as powerful as the Rosen....

They all have their pros and cons just like anything else though....

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