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I agree with you EJBIERS but with 11.5 to 1 compression ratio we probably won't see much gains. After saying that. It would be a considerable gain over a lot of smaller mods but also probably really shorten the life of the motor. Would I like to see a turboed 3.6 Impala? Hell yea I love my turbo cars but I just don't think we have come far enough in motor mods yet. I mean the big stuff heads,cams etc. Like Rev extreme has but mostly with camaro's caddy's the rear wheel drive platforms. The only other thing that I was thinking is a M80 or M120 roots style supercharger which doesn't actually make boost because it doesn't compress air it just increases the velocity the air travels. That would give some gains and not be as hard on the motor. Hey Ejbiers I hope you don't think I was trying to argue with you? If so I'm sorry. I just don't think these cars are ready for all this yet. That's why i think I'm gonna get with Rev extreme and see what we can come up with
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