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Originally Posted by evinrude3 View Post
Hi, looking for info on small coolant leak on 2012 Impala 3.6 vvt ...noticed coolant leaking somewhere above and behind PS pump...noticed this when wheel was off on right side. I assume the head gasket is leaking....? anyone else seen this?
144k major issues to date...besides this
I doubt it's a head gasket. The serpentine belt will sling coolant all over the place, so it could be leaking well away from the location spotted.

As 12_lt, indicated, you need to pressure test it and inspect closely looking for leaks. The 3.6 LFX motors have a very good reputation - they're not known for leaking. But, since you're on the accessory end of the motor, I'd be looking at the water pump, since, among cooling system components, that's a more common failure point.



[Edit]Here's some more info on cooling system pressure testing tools .


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