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Originally Posted by brainstorm View Post
lol, this is so interesting
By the way, do you have a toaster ?

Guys, frankly speaking, I remember that professional toasters don't burn the bread, however, they cost much that's why these toasters don't burn the toast
Talking about toasters - man, I saw some crazy 6 slices toasters. They are meant for commercial usage but having one of them at home would be wonderful. I showed it to my wife and now a can't stop her talking about toasters. One of these days I'll order it. Every morning we eat a lot of toasted bread, our day cannot start without it so having a toaster that toasts 6 pieces at once is a must. It's not only me and her, but we also have 2 sons. And a dog, to not forget him, which eats 2 slices also. The toaster I saw is from
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