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Originally Posted by ironstone View Post
Its the 2005, 3.4 liter, base model sedan. Showed my brother the wiring diagram this evening and he pointed out my mistake on the year. (facepalm).
I have had two Impalas with the 3.4. As I recall, your symptoms are much like those of a failing fuel pressure regulator. The car starts, but won't stay running. You can test it by borrowing a fuel pressure gauge from a parts store, and connecting it to the schrader valve at the end of the fuel rail on the passenger end of the motor. With engine off/key on, the fuel pressure should be in the range 52-59 psi. With the engine running at idle (assuming it cranks and fires), it should drop 3-10 psi.

The regulator sits at the end of the fuel path, on the front bank of the motor, driver's end, near the throttle body. You'll need a torx tool to get it out. Not sure that else - it's been too long since I last did one.



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