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Originally Posted by ironstone View Post
My sister-in-law has a 2006 that's not sending power to the solenoid when you attempt to start it. The fuel pump does engage when the ignition is first unlocked and pressurizes the line.

Providing power to the solenoid directly with the key in the run position cranks the engine and it will run briefly (approx 5 seconds) and then stalls out as if its no longer getting fuel.

There's a leak in the firewall and I expect its related to corrosion/water damage in the dash but I'm not finding troubleshooting for these specific symptoms.

I'd prefer to be more proactive than trying to replace every possible component until I find the culprit given that a doing so would exceed the value of the vehicle when considering parts and time/effort especially since I'm unfamiliar with this particular vehicle and the haynes manual is a crapshoot in terms of accuracy.

Does any one have suggestions or sources for troubleshooting or wiring diagrams?
It sounds like you may have 2 different problems. I'd start with the no-crank situation. Does the starter relay click when the key is turned to CRANK? It's in the underhood fuse box. If the relay doesn't click, you'll need to check the wiring from the fuse box back to the starter switch. If the relay is clicking, then you need to check continuity from the relay to the starter solenoid. Another test you can do here is to swap a different relay in for the starter relay. This will help reveal if you have a bad starter relay or something else.

I would try to get the no-crank situation resolved first, then focus on the dying problem. My first guess on that is a bad fuel pressure regulator. Which engine does this car have?




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