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I had something very similar happen with my '03 Impala. It would make a clicking sound but only when turning one direction (I believe it was to the right like your car). Turning the other way wouldn't reproduce the sound. A mechanic friend of mine had seen something like this only once before and it was caused by the starter!

That's right the starter! I'm doing my best to remember but I believe there is a spring that is supposed to keep the pinion pulled away from the flywheel. If that spring isn't doing it's job properly it can let the pinion slide just enough to make contact with the flywheel and make the clicking sound. This will only happen when turning the correct direction as turning the other way will not cause the pinion to slide over into the flywheel.

We replaced the starter on my '03 and the clicking went away and hasn't returned. I can't say if this is the same thing that is happening to your car but if you've checked everything else it may be worth giving the starter motor a look.
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