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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Did the cv axles today and took it for a test drive with the windows down expecting it to be fixed. Turned right and there was the noise just the same as always. Everybody within a half mile radius heard a 5 minute profanity-laced tirade out the car window. Any ideas here? Hard to tell which side.
My first thought was a CV joint, but you've got that covered, barring you getting a bad new one, which is very unlikely.

My next thought is a bad strut mount. When you are turning, ideally, the wheels follow parallel paths, but the steering system is not perfect which results in one wheel pulling to the side more than the other thru the turn. This lateral force can cycle as the wheels rotate. If one of the strut mounts is bad, that lateral force can expose any play in the strut mount possibly causing it to make the noise you are hearing.

I know this is a long shot, but you've pretty much covered everything else.

Before replacing the strut mounts, you want to verify one is bad. I don't know a good test for that, but you might take it to an alignment shop and ask them to check it. Also have them check the inner joints on the control arms.

You say you tightened the motor mounts, but how are the mounts themselves? Is the rubber in good condition?

Hope this helps.



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