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Any time there is an issue like this, check the fuel pressure. It would have saved me a tone of work when I had an issue like this. I normally change the fuel filter for the hell of it, when an issue like this happens. It's only a good thing to change that filter, as it is often forgotten.

My first RMS was goofy. Some days it seemed fine, other days is ran like crap. Sometimes in the same few minutes it would change from fine, to running like crap.

Adjustable fuel pressure regulators only true place is on a forced induction car. Or a car using injectors that are maxed out, and you need more out of them. Either way, using one requires a custom tune. The LT1 PCM is very smart. Try to trick it by adjusting the fuel pressure, and it will figure it out. It will figure it out, and make an adjustment. Like guys who were pulling the fuel PSI on stock tunes, to have it run leaner, and make more power. Within a week or so, the PCM figured it out, and was back where it had been before the change.

You want to use one as a bandaid, because you are too lazy to look for the real issue. Really?? Find the sensor, or wire, or item that was causing it, and you won't need any special parts. Might take some time to trouble shoot, but there are not many sensors, and they are all easy to check. Most can be done with a volt meter, and a pair of safety pins.

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