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Originally Posted by impaler View Post
For God's sake little boy must I break it down to you?

I like the name brand ones and feel they are higher quality and would be easier to get help with warranties. I don't trust the exaggerated cheaper bulbs from amazon.
Kudos to you for finding a website that likes the bulbs you picked. I can find sites that like the bulbs I picked. Big deal.

Is that explanation ok with you or are you going to talk like a little baby again and get frustrated? Let it go. I like something other than what you do, big deal. People can buy what they want.
I didnt pick the hikaris dumb dumb lol. I have HIDs, so it has nothing to do with someone liking my bulbs. Just stating that you're a sucker for advertising. Seems like you're the frustrated one here with all the "for God's sake" you have going on. 😂😂😂 Sorry you bought overpriced LEDs which share the same components as most of the others. Perceived value =\= actual value.
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