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Wheel sizes? 16 and 18 in some years, 17 inch also?

All the 8th Generation 2006- 2008 LT and LS that I have noticed have the 225/60/R16 then some of the newer years with the LT or LTZ have in some cases the 18 inch wheels. Anyway looking at a used 2010 LT that lists 17 inch aluminum wheels. 225/55/R17. Tires probably are a bit more expensive going to 17" and also not as popular of a size.

Can I easily switch to the 225/60/R16 wheels and tires (since both appear to be listed for the 2010 LT on most of the tire sites)? Any issues with speedometer in doing that (assume the lower 55 ratio number is to adjust for the rim diameter difference. I do not know the condition of the tires on the 2010 yet (will be asking about the thread and what tire brand and model is on the vehicle..) so if they are marginal, I may move my 80K warranty 16 inch tires over and of course the wheels off my '06

Finally any noticeable ride and/or handling differences that anyone has experienced with the 17 inch wheels?
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