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well if you increased the tire height it would throw off the speedometer and give it more tire roll in the corners. plus you may feel a difference in the brake and gas pedals due to the increased mass. most people move to a larger rim (LTZ double star designed rims are 18's but then you may run into a tire rub on the rear struts potentially. realistically as soon as you put someone in the back seat the rear sags a bit (soft springs in the rear).

be kind of the transmission, they were a weak point of these cars. check the fluid and have it changed if needed (every 50k miles per the manual on my 2010 LS).wheel bearings aren't too uncommon, maybe wheel speed sensor wires, and the stupid vent solenoids under the dash are terribly annoying when they start going out (controls air temp and output location in the dash whether head, feet, or defroster). realistically just maintain it when something fails and the motor should see 250k plus assuming oil changes were kept up on by the previous owner. i put 130k miles on my impala and would have kept going had i not run into a string of repairs that hit me all in one year (and the need for a truck was greater than the car).

how about some more pics of the car?
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