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To my knowledge, the AT filter has never been changed. When I brought it to the dealer I discussed this with my service writer and he said that it was Chevrolet's policy to only do fluid exchanges and to not open the pan or replace the filter unless specifically requested. Something about not wanting to introduce contaminants into the transmission unnecessarily. Not sure if I believe it, but that's what he said.

As far as the "flush" goes, I'm aware of potential trouble they can cause, particularly for neglected transmissions which have dirty fluid or where the friction material suspended in the fluid is all that's keeping it going. This was a concern of mine so I was sure to confirm with the service writer that they were doing only a "low pressure" fluid exchange, with no special cleaners or chemicals. As it was explained to me, the fluid is slowly pumped out through the filter and out the tranny cooler line while new fluid is added through the other cooler line. The fluid was red prior to the flush, not burnt or dirty, so that factored into my decision to go ahead with the fluid exchange as well.

Do you think it would be useful at this point for me to pull the pan and change the filter? I thought I also read something at some point about a new style of pan magnet that GM called for. If nothing else, I'd be curious to see what kind of shape the filter is in and what there is on the magnet or on the bottom of the pan.
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