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If you wish to look at a GM parts listing and diagram to help you figure out what the lines should be like on your vehicle, try going to one of several online GM parts store/dealer websites. One you can try is and select from your model year, make, model, package, engine, etc. I find that the "police" selection sometimes doesn't give me a full list, when that happens, back out to the "LT" or "3.9L" selections and look there. You can also order the parts there if you wish, and they do answer your email questions within a business day or so. They guarantee whatever parts they quote you via email will fit your vehicle or take it back if it doesn't. Luckily mine just had surface rust without leaks, so I cleaned/sanded them some and painted them (while on the vehicle) with Rustoleum rust converter primer and then their gloss/satin black paint to try to make them last longer. Good luck.
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