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Originally Posted by Mike Poirier View Post

i have an 07 impala 9c1 which has rusted almost leaking transmission lines. since its going in for transmission lines i wanted to changed all them.

i ordered aftermarked lines instead of factory lines to save a few bucks, the car is getting old and up there in mileage.
Dorman 624-203 and Dorman 624-122 is the 2 lines i ordered.

the parts store said thats the only 2 lines they have listed and that rubber hose likely runs to the cooler.

is there another line or 2 that i need?

sorry if its a silly question, its going in the garage soon and wanted to have everything so the garage doesnt need to wait on parts.

any help is appreciated

I replaced leaking transmission fluid cooling lines on a 2008 Impala LTZ that I purchased new. It was NOT the 9C1 model. Mine had (as most do) the transmission fluid cooler tank in the right side of the radiator. The transmission lines began to slowly weep where the rubber portion was crimped to the metal (aluminum) lines. It had the 3.9L V-6 and the 4-speed automatic transmission.

The lines were released with a “quick-release” tool, but required a separate, small fitting that was inserted into the radiator, before the end of the lines were snapped in.

You may want to go to a GM dealer with your VIN, to determine exactly what lines are required - and if any special fittings are needed.

I THINK some 9C1 models had an external transmission fluid cooling radiator, placed in front of the coolant radiator and a/c condenser. You could examine your vehicle to determine if you vehicle has this separate cooler.
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