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Originally Posted by Derkach99 View Post
One other question i have is with the TPMS sensors in the tires how long do they last? Any reliability issues?
the tpms sensors in the wheels are a sealed unit. when they die you have to replace the whole unit in the tire. i think i remember bell tire wanted 65 per tire or 130 per tire from the dealer. in 8 years that i owned it i had one fail. the other three were still going strong. the guy at belle tire even offered the deal of buy three and he'd throw in the 4th for free so definitely do your shopping before having the work done.

however the dealer claims about 6 years life expectancy so i could have been doing better than average. when they go out it is simply a light on the dash and you can't see the pressures for that one tire, not a big deal. get it fixed when you can is all (just keep an eye by manually checking the pressures yourself.

i found the tpms isn't exact compared to the gauges i own, but it's within a pound or two.
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