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I have the same car not sure it seems to be something with these cars sometimes mine is really cold other times it’s not cold at all! Has anyone else ever reached inside their bumper when washing the car? I’m not sure where the air comes into the car but I know mine had handfuls of dirt and rocks and other things piled up inside of the bumper there was white flies and everything from the dirt. Also I read you can buy some kind of cleaner foam for the ac coolers because supposedly if you don’t have a certain mode turned on your car the blower mode which dealership asked to do it bacteria grows on the coils from running the air conditioner so then when you turn it on again it blows stinky smells through the car. Mine stinks like sour stinky gym socks, it’s so nasty! What blower mode does is 15 minutes or so after you turn the car off if you leave the AC on when you turn the car off it automatically turns air on and runs it through the vents I guess to dry off the coils but like I said the dealership had to turn it on for me and I’m not sure if it’s turned on in your car.
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