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Originally Posted by skenney View Post
Hi, so if I replace the stock radio, I'll loose the turn signal and chime sounds ? I have a 2008 LT.
Yes, but there are adapters available to "restore" them (they will sound different than stock, but at least work).

Not trying to "push my wares", but if anyone is interested, I do still have a few plug-and-play, OEM-look DVD/navigation units that I need to put up for sale. I'll try to put them up for sale "officially" in the near future, but PM me if interested before then - I'll give you a good deal. I have a few Advent OGM-1's, a Rosen GM1210 and a few Rosen GM1010's. I recently sold one of the Advent OGM-1's to another forum user and he seems to really like it (you know who you are if you want to comment!). With these plug-and-play units, everything just works (warning chimes, turn-signal sounds, OnStar, XM, etc) - no adapters needed.
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