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Originally Posted by plano-doug View Post
What would you use for this? My one attempt many years ago, trying to use tin/lead solder on aluminum wire was a bust. It looked like water bouncing off a hot teflon frying pan

I want to say I saw a product years ago that could be soldered to aluminum, but it's been too long to recall any details.

If you can patch a radiator using that, I say go for it. The sad thing is that radiators have evolved into almost un-repairable items

(Spellcheck prefers irreparable, and doesn't like un-repairable , but I do )


I have plenty of assorted welding and brazing rod, but dont have any solder sticks. Was thinking a silver solder if I use heat. Nearest welding supply store is about 45 minutes away, but have a tractor supply store and a lowes I will drive right by today, will see what they have. More than likely going to try a cold weld product first.

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