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Originally Posted by ss4chad View Post
Really? Wow, I would have been under that damm thing for hours looking for a pan! Does it not have a filter? Guess not if I can't drop the pan, funny thing though, O'reilly's says they have a filter for that car, weird.

Ok, fluid only and I agree, change it now and again in about another 3000 miles.

Thanks again!

You can change the pickup strainer if you want to pull the transmission and completely disassemble it.

As others have said. I'd drain what you can using the drain plug, re-fill it with Dexron VI, and do it again with the engine oil change in another 5,000 miles or so. If it doesn't drain nice and clear red do it again in another 5K.

Cut a section out of the rubber transmission oil cooler return line and install a metal 3/8" Magnefine transmission filter. Change this filter every oil change for three changes, then every 2nd oil change... be sure to top it back up with with the half pint or so of Dexron VI you lost with the filter.
Use Fuel Injection Clamps or spring band clamps on the hose not Jubilee Worm clamps.

You can cut the metal filter can open with a big pipe cutter.

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