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Originally Posted by Mike55 View Post
Thanks everyone for the insight! I typically don't run my vehicles past a quarter tank but noticed that at a quarter tank I had 130 miles left on the info screen which I felt was high so I ran a test 🙂 kinda wish they didn't do this. I'm competent enough to not run my vehicle dry and I'd rather see the true fuel level in the gauge but alas they had others in mind when designing the fuel gauge.
Keep in mind, that's not all by design. Some of it is just the nature of fuel systems. There are large areas of material (sheet metal, in the old days ) that can flex and take somewhat different shapes in different cars resulting in a gallon or so of difference in volume, for the same position of the float in the level sensor.

In a high end system - think airplane maybe - during production, they might calibrate each fuel level sensing system. But in the car world, it's probably a deal breaker of a cost adder. The result is that one person's 130 miles left in the tank is another's 13 miles left in the tank

I swear, in my 1974 F-100, once it got so low, the needle would actually start creeping back up and give me a bum steer




If your socket set is all the same brand, you might be a city slicker.

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