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Originally Posted by jita1 View Post
You know, I sound like the "old guy" too when autonomous cars are mentioned, "Back in my day, we actually drove our cars." LOL
That's funny. But I think there's a genuine cultural transformation going on. I can remember growing up anxious to get my driver's license so I could enjoy driving a car. Plus, that was a huge step that opened up the world for me.

I think today's kids - and I'm a parent of a few - don't see cars in the same light. Now it's just a transportation device to get them where they are going. It might as well be a transit bus or train. Or a rickshaw, where they can sit in the back and look at their smart phones

Seriously, the autonomous car is that rickshaw. And it may be that today's kids have been taught, a bit under my radar, that cars are bad and pollute the air and are not sexy.

I grew up coveting the neighbor's 1968 Cougar with 428 Cobra Jet. My kid wants an iPhone 11

I hate to say it, but I think cars are losing the significance they once had.




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