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Originally Posted by Chitkicker View Post
Well, I've been putting it off, but my tires are quickly turning into Baldinis.

Anyone have a recommendation on tires? I want a set that will last, I have a decent commute, 50 miles each way and I drive in all sorts of weather conditions.. dry, wet, ice, snow. I'm looking for something good all around.. gas mileage, performance, road noise, etc.

What should i be looking at?

I run the Goodyear RS-A police tire. I get excellent performance; wear, handling, and ride. Except for my performance car, this tire is what I've been using since 2005 on my daily drivers...2 Crown Victorias with the police package and a Chevrolet Impala with the police package. One thing to note though, they will get a tad noisy when they get close to wearing out.
My performance car has the Pirelli P Zero Nero A/S, which does great on dry road. I can't give any advice about other weather conditions as I drive this car only in the rain, snow, or ice.
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